Top Design Upgrades to Skyrocket your Mobile Web #1

20% of world’s Population is on Phone, and 63% of them shop from these devices, numbers are expected to increase in coming years. With so many people looking at your website, user experience is now more important than ever. Happy users will always end up in high conversion rates.

Here are a few techniques that will get Skyrocket mobile website.


Being a small screen touch device, having a button big enough so the user can users touch is a must, and to make it worse users use these device at many places, to get focus you need to have big buttons, the bigger a touch target area reduces the chance of hitting wring button.

Apple’s design guidelines recommend touch targets at least 44px by 44px.



Rather than requiring users to double tap (or worse, pinch) your content, make sure the font size of body copy is 14px and above for maximum legibility.  A line height of 1.5 dramatically increases readability, although it can be set tighter or looser depending on the context.



Mobile devices are held in portrait and landscape orientations, so it’s necessary make sure your site adapts for both. It’s also an opportunity to think critically about how users might use the website differently in each orientation.



Getting navigation optimized for common mobile actions can significantly increase conversions. Use analytic to understand how mobile users are browsing your website. If there are common pages or features they are using the most (e.g. a store locator) be sure to place them prominently in navigation menus.

Text Free Images

Separating text from images is a standard web design best practice, but it’s especially important for mobile devices. Images with text in them will become unreadable and poorly formatted when scaled down for smaller screens.




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