A tale of extraordinary ROI

By now most businesses are aware of the importance of being mobile friendly. As mobile website enthusiats we are always gathering bucketloads of data on the industry and where it is heading. No matter how exciting these statistics are for industry nuts like myself it doesn’t come close to the buzz I get when I see the actual results we get for businesses who engage our mobile website design service.

One of those such businesses who recently trusted there mobile exposure to us is Shred X. Shred X is an Australian wide security document destruction company. The bright orange trucks with the giant Panther logo down the side are certainly hard to miss. We knew with such street exposure the guys at Shred X would certainly be missing out on potential enquiries by not being mobile friendly.

We took the time to design a website that perfectly complemented the existing Shred X website. We used our knowledge of the industry to narrow down the information on the Mobile Website to exactly what Mobile consumers are looking for. The aim of which was to entice the consumer to call the business.

It has now been three months since the launch of the Shred X mobile website and we at Zippie Mobile couldn’t be more happy with the results. And if we are happy we know that Shred X Marketing Manager Andrew must be extatic with the descion to be mobile friendly.

In the last month alone the Shred X mobile site alone has been visited 219 people resulting in 613 unique pageviews. Most importantly in the last month the mobile site has delivered 33 direct click-to-calls. Thats 33 extra enquiries per month since going mobile. In a business where one large client can mean millions of revenue per cleint this is certainly an outstanding ROI.


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