Early Bird gets the worm.

Every year the Aimia Mobile Industry Group conducts a survey of the latest statistics regarding mobile phone usage in Australia.  The last report was released in September 2012. With so many statistics deriving from usage in the United States the Aimia report is a welcome edition for us Australian marketers. You can see the entire report here:

A total of 3176 respondents from all walks of life made up the 2012 survey.  This strong response rate provided a remarkable insight into not only the growth of the smartphone usage but also the way Australians are using there smartphones.

A few statistics that stood out for me was the jump in smartphone ownership between 2011 and 2012.  In the last year smartphone ownership has jumped 10% to an average of 76% percent of Australians according to the survey.  Even more astounding was the 43% of respondents that use their smartphone to look at a product or service prior to making a purchase decision.

For businesses there can no more proof that your customers are embracing mobile technology. So why is that so many businesses don’t have a mobile website? Well it’s often been the case that businesses seem to be the last ones to adapt to technology change. And if I am to be totally honest I can understand why. Being time poor is an understatement in today’s world and not everyone has the time to be ahead of the bell curve all of the time. Hell if the newspapers are only now figuring out on-line is the future why should Joe Blogs Plumbers be any more informed.

I believe this presents a unique opportunity for businesses! Whilst we at Zippie Mobile believe a mobile website should be central to any businesses marketing plan we know we can’t get the word out to everyone (As much as we would like to). So if you are reading this you are already ahead of the pack. Why? Because you know that your customers are ready and waiting! That’s right and they couldn’t be more ready to throw their support to businesses who embrace this change with them. There out there looking for you but you may as well be invisible.

The early adoption phase has been embraced by the consumer and it’s now time to pick up the pace and play catch up.  As less and less people respond to traditional forms of advertising it’s a great opportunity to get in now ahead of your competition and reap the benefits of those customers who are looking for you right now.

We at Zippie Mobile can give your business an idea of how many customers are currently trying to look at your business website with a mobile phone per week. You will be astonished at the result. Give us a call today and take that first step now.


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