Make your website Mobile Friendly

If you’ve ignored mobile in the past, it’s time to make the jump and begin to support mobile browsing on your existing site to stay in the tight competitive market. There’s a lot of additional stuffs to learn,  a bundle of strategies to opt from and a lot of work to be put into the project.

Make your website Mobile Friendly

When it comes to mobile Every site owner always want to know is, “How can I quickly add mobile support at minimum investment ?”.  In this you will go through a few important stragies that you can help you to make your web site more mobile friendly.


Fluid Layout

Providing multiple screen is all about having a fluid grid. Creating fluid layouts is a piece of cake with a calculator to drop static width and replace them with widths in percentage. So the dimensions automatically take the size according the of the viewport .

Responsive Design

In practice its simple as well, you start with 100% width then you divide it based on number of columns needed and their respective sizes.  However, this would result in your columns filling the entire available width with no space in between them. You’ll typically want to add in some margins, which will eat up some of that width.

For margin figure out them for each column, then multiply that times the number of columns to discover the total margin. Finally you divide the columns into whatever is left over. I usually set something up on Instacalc to figure out all the numbers for me.


If you’re worried  about building your own fluid layout from scratch, there are lots of CSS frameworks available that do all the work for you. Have a look at each of the following options, some of which even take care of media queries for you.

Cautious with Hover

Its quite normal to use hovers quite extensively and occasionally go beyond simple visual hints and actually use them to trigger some functional event. When it comes to mobile think about how this event will transfer to mobile, touchscreen platforms. There is no hover on touchscreen phones.

It doesn’t mean you should avoid hovers, they are really handy for devices that support it.

Use Mobile Friendly Technology

Providing support for mobile must start with mobile friendly technology itself. To account for this, be sure that your site doesn’t depend on these technologies to function. If they do, you’ll have to serve up a special mobile version to compensate.


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