Mobile Advertising tips

Mobile advertising is entirely different from all other forms of advertising in quiet little ways, users have a small screen so they definitely won’t like long stories, 80% of the users will be on the move which indeed has problems of its own, they will only look for the key information.

With all these initial problems set its necessary solve them at right time to reach your customers successful; in here we will discuss some tips to get them fixed.

Make sure your ad is mobile friendly

Ensuring the Ad served is mobile tailored one leads to a mobile friendly landing page. Mobile users have no patience for scrolling through a giant page designed for a desktop, so getting a separate Ad for small screen device really make the difference.

Don’t Forget the Vital Information

Keep vital information accessible at a glance, information’s like street address, city, local phone number, and hours are very important. Sometimes we get caught up in the message and fail to share our basic contact info.

Mobile Advertising tips

Keep it content fresh

Mobile marketing is exactly like the billboard you drive past every day, after a while it will start to disappear from your eyes, your brain will notice its presence not the content, so keeping it fresh makes it visible.

Deploy Timely offer

Make sure your offer’s are timely and includes a call to action. Give your potential mobile customers a reason to take action now.

At the same time remember your current customers; they should be at the top of the priority list. Socially advertising to new mobile users is exciting but don’t ignore people who already know and trust your brand.

Make Fast decisions

You should act quickly with mobile advertising. Right now benefits exceed costs, but won’t be forever. For Small businesses its right time to take advantage, to get themselves positioned better in the future.

Stay Focused

It is important to keep mobile ads visually appealing and to the point, because users have a small screen too much will get them annoyed. In fact, mobile advertising networks recommend that text doesn’t exceed 20% of the ad space. Less clutter equals better results.

Use Social Networks

If it’s an available resource then why not use it, use the social networks to the extreme extend. With more than half the global population on the social medias they are the right way to reach large targeted audiences.

Measure your results and constantly refine what you are doing.


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