Mobile First Design

Large Screen version of their website, leaving small screen versions as a secondary goal to be accomplished later. Even after 2 years since Ethan marcot introduced the concept of responsive design, many of start with full size take a walk down.

The rate of growth of the mobile devices did initiate the need to flip the traditional workflow and begin with a mobile optimized version and move up adding stuffs.

Why Should you Follow this..?

6 Billion Mobile Devices World Wide

Not only the user count is being incremented, mobile only user is increasing at alarming rates as well, i.e. the users with only mobile we access is getting higher which means they don’t even get to see the large screen version.

What makes it the 1st

Mobile device manufacturers pushing for low cost smart phones is the pre indication for web dev folks to start going mobile. With more than half of the total internet user being on the Desk large screen versions are still important and mandatory. Still then why to take the mobile route will be a question Obviously.

It is the internet giant Google, Eric Schmidt (Chairman Google) announced in 2010 that Google is going to adopt a mobile route for the first time. This marked the beginning of the new technique.

What made it Special.

The difference in mobile first and the other approach is only with how the elements are expanded / compressed.

In mobile first the website is widening as the development progress

In the Large screen approach the development is being compacted into a small box preferably of size 320px or 480px.

Mobile First

When you start with the Large Screen Version of your website, you are free to take advantage of new technology, and when you move down the line you make the design worse for users who don’t have the support for the new technology you used.

And moreover your design into a box not into an open world, as you design for small screen.

In the other case you start with the basic functions that works for the lowest denominator, and add features as you go up, will ensure the basic design performs excellently for all the users. And you design yourself into the open universe

Which One do I prefer….?

The good news is that these two strategies aren’t competitive. In fact, they are made for each other.

At the end it’s you who need to choose the strategy based upon your user database.


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