Responsive Web Design vs. Mobile Sites

With trends constantly changing and increase in mobile users, businesses are forced to have web sites which can avail services available to mobile users. It is true that elements that are important on a desktop might not be equally important for mobile user on a much smaller screen. Here you have a couple of strategic options to choose from these three options are:

  1. Responsive Web Design
  2. Separate Web Site for mobile

When comparing these two items, you really need to keep in mind the purpose of the website. Since these two have a single objective but different methods, there is no debate or discussion sessions required to choose between them. If you plan mobile you have to choose any of then two methods, in here we will get through a few methods which can help you to make a better decision.

Responsive Web Design vs Separate Web Site for mobile

Inspect the Goal

If it is a website involves quick decisions and buying and selling, then a separate mobile site stand tall. However, if you are constantly updating it with new trends, then a single responsive design is definitely better option. This reason is simple, its easy to update a website than more than one, mobile sites can be a pain because the site would need to be updated twice (desktop version and mobile version).


Also, it depends on what your budget is when you are planning to create a site. A mobile site requires low development charges compared to responsive design sites which need sophisticated coding and heavy technicalities, but if you are going to have design changes once in a while better go for responsive design, as it eliminates the need for redesign of different versions of the websites.

Other advantages that a separate mobile site holds over responsive design sites include DIY options and affordable web development. When it comes to optimization and SEO, and adding conversion and redirect codes, responsive design websites rule the roost.

The above comparison clearly shows that there are pros and cons to each of the choices. It completely depends on you and the nature of your business as to what would be the best fit for your situation. It’s better to research well and understand your own business for best results.

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