Smartphones surpass 1 billion worldwide.

Its official the world now has over 1 billion smartphones. What does that mean? Well apart from there being more know it alls than ever before in history it also shows the remarkable growth of the smartphone industry when we compare to the 708 million smartphones in use this time last year, Strategy Analytics Reports.

This biggest surprise is that the next billion is expected within the next three years say Strategy Analytics. According to Gartner there are 1.4 billion PC’s in the world. So it’s easy to see that sometime in 2013 smartphones will surpass PC’s in numbers.   This change in consumer behavior is going to have a massive impact on the way businesses attract customers and how they improve sales. Many experts agree this change in consumer behavior is actually bigger than when the internet first hit our screens. This is easy to believe when you consider most people are within 3 meters of their smartphone 95% of the time.  How many of you have seen something on the T V and then googled it on your smartphone. Well you are among the majority with 63% of smartphone users admitting to engaging on the internet via smartphone whilst watching TV. And I won’t even mention the number of us who use a smartphone whilst on the toilet. Suffice to say it’s considerable! This tells us that we are more and more reliant on our smartphones for receiving,processing and analyzing information.

Smartphone users are not just looking for the latest celebrity gossip either. As consumers we are looking for the best deal available, comparing products, looking for reviews and using our phones to tell us how far that new Indian restaurant is away from us. Zippie Mobile can help by making your customers experience a much easier and rewarding experiance.Consider this… Most consumers will only wait for an average of 20 seconds for a website to load. This means if your site takes this long to load you can guarantee they will look elsewhere. Mobile websites are smaller in size which mean they load alot faster than a website designed for desktop. Call or email us today and we will show you the many other benefits a mobile website can have on your business.


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