Well we are well and truely in the midst of the silly season for another year. Yesterday our office Air Conditioner decided to pack it in. As the heat began to rise steadily I was reminded of what Christmas was like as a child when it was uncommon for households to have Air-Con. That blistering heat of Christmas day mixed with Grandma’s famous Hot Roast didn’t help the situation but it sure was fun. Well maybe not as much for the adults as it was for the kids. It got me thinking about the way life changes. No one can deny nor holt change. It can be for the good or for the bad. I’m sure most of us wish we were still back in 2007 before the GFC. Whilst that’s not sustainable nor possible it goes with out saying it was a different time.


All of us at some point need to adapt to a changing situation. Some do it faster than others. In fact it was a change that brought about the creation of this business. Since the invention of the iPhone the Yellow Pages has been radically declining in size to the point where it won’t be long till the once big yellow book is printed no more. A nice win for the Amazon.

We needn’t fear for the Yellow Pages business because they are doing a good job of moving toward on-line directories and on-line advertising. They knew along time ago that the way consumers look for businesses was changing considerably fast.

With regards to Mobile Websites our research has shown that 98% of businesses are still in the dark as to what a Mobile Site is. The 2% that get it are Big Business that understand the importance of catering for your mobile visitors.

We come across all the time businesses that are paying huge money for SEO and online advertising to improve their chances of being found. However very little thought is put into the effect on the potential customer once he/she actually arrives at your site. Its like building a million dollar driveway that leads  to a tin Shed. Very disappointing indeed!

You really should want to impress your customers and make it easy for them to engage your service. We know the statistics don’t lie because we already know that 51% of visitors to a mobile site will engage the business. That percentage is even higher for Restaurants, Entertainment and 24 hours services!

It doesn’t make sense to spend big money on being found only to turn away business due to a negative experience. Especially when you can retain these enquiries by providing a positive experience starting from $8 dollars a week.

And with 98% of businesses not mobile why not get that competitive advantage over your competition by going mobile NOW! On behalf of myself and the rest of Zippie Mobile team I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Warm regards,

Simon Weies

Founder Zippie Mobile



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