Top 10 excuses businesses use for NOT going mobile

It is amazing that in 2013 small businesses are still coming to grips with the benefit of targeting the mobile market. In 3 years mobile has exploded to the point where at present there are now more mobile phones in the world than toothbrushes.

Big business makes up the majority of the paltry 2% of business that have already gone mobile. Companies like Bunnings, K-Mart, and Ford understand the importance of web design for the mobile customer. It’s no surprise that the big dollars spent on market research have all pointed towards improving your mobile presence.

Truth be told mobile website design actually transverses into a more measurable ROI to small businesses when compared to big business. Why? Take away the internet and big business still has the expensive forms of media like TV, Radio and Print to rely on. Many small businesses must rely on the internet and forms of internet advertising such as Google Adwords to get the word out there. TV and Radio is expensive and unless you are only targeting the senior demographic you won’t get much out of Yellow Pages offline.

The internet is where you will be found and if you really want your phone to ring you must focus on your mobile market. The mobile market is already HUGE and growing day by day. Whether you are a Dentist, Locksmith or a Restaurant owner the percentage of people trying to find you on their mobile phone right now is more than a desktop computer. In fact 2/3rds of all local searches are now performed on a mobile phone.

The importance of good mobile web design is critical to making that phone ring. No one wants to wait a long time for your site to load, only to have to pinch and scroll your way through the website. And if the customer wants to call you he/she must try to locate your number. Easy to do with a 17 inch screen and mouse, however not so easy to do with your fingers and a 2 inch wide screen.


Non-mobile friendly sites make it overly difficult to find important information about your business resulting in too many lost sales and enquiries. If only more small businesses knew that 61% of visitors to a mobile friendly site click to call the business.

So here is a compilation of the top 10 excuses businesses use to delay going mobile:

  1.        I’m happy with the way things are:  If you don’t ever want to grow your business don’t hire a mobile website designer.  
  2.        I know it’s important but I’ll wait till I have to: This attitude will be detrimental to your growth. Chances are some of your competition are going mobile and capitalizing on your laziness.
  3.       My website is already mobile friendly: Just because your site shows up on a mobile phone does not mean it is mobile friendly. A mobile friendly website will load ten times faster, fit to screen and will have the critical features to convert that search into a sale.
  4.        I don’t have the budget: A mobile website may well be the cheapest form of advertising today. Most mobile websites can be set-up for under $500 and anywhere between $29 to $60 dollars a month. What’s the cost of losing one sale?
  5.        I just don’t have the time: A mobile website designer will do all the work for you. All of the content and images are already on your current site. Most of the time all you will need to do is approve the mock-up prior to release. A mobile website can be up and running within a week.
  6.        I’m redesigning my current site:  Re-designing a site can sometimes take 6 months and sometimes it just never happens. A mobile site can easily be made for your existing site and then transferred to the new site when it is complete. If you need re-designing most designers will include this as part of your monthly fee. So it will not cost you a penny.
  7.        I’ve got my own web team looking into it: More often than not your webmaster will not offer mobile websites. Once you bring it up he/she will scurry to find a suitable solution. Companies like Zippie Mobile specialize in web design for mobile and can hit the ground running with the best possible solution for your needs.
  8.        We already have an app: Whilst a mobile website is app like in presentation it is an entirely different beast. An app is stored on your phone and must be downloaded from mostly Apple or Google. No one is going to do that for your restaurant or tow truck service! Websites for mobile are exactly that. A website that is perfectly made to be viewed on a mobile phone.
  9.        I don’t want you to have access to my site: Whilst a company like Zippie Mobile does everything possible to be transparent it’s understandable that people are careful about whom they release important information to. In that case mobile designers can easily prepare a mobile website without any access to your websites backend what so ever. However in order to make the website work the designer will need to send a piece of script to your webmaster to install on you backend. It’s this script which decides whether to send the customer to your regular site or to your mobile site and should only take about 5 minutes.
  10. I can’t be bothered up-dating a mobile site as well as my regular site: A good mobile website designer will identify if you have the need to update your site regularly. In this case it is possible to auto-sync your website to mobile website so that any changes made to your regular website will reflect in your mobile website.



The author of this article is the lead designer for Zippie Mobile. Zippie Mobile is based out of Brisbane, Australia and specializes in helping businesses target the mobile market. You can contact Zippie Mobile on 1300 270 557 or email

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