Why Responsive Design Is not Good for Mobile Phone

With average size of a web page shooting up like a rocket it crossed 1 MB last year. With responsive where all devices are server same content and styled differently with CSS, according to resolutions make mobile users to download the complete page even if the content is not displayed on the device.

This results in large load times. In general a website will take longer to load on a mobile than on a Desktop Computer.  Mobile networks need more time to load a web page at same speed as that of an ordinary internet connection. Mobile network are slow

1)      Data need to travel through the service provide network.

2)      Signal strength dependent.

3)      High price of Data


Service Provide Network


As the data need to travel a longer path within the mobile operator network it takes longer to load that on desktop or home internet connection. The speed of the additional network matters a lot. Even number of users in the tower plays a significant role. If you are in a busy network it slows.

3G is 40-50 % slower that home internet connection, and 4G is 15 % slower than home internet connection. Even the latest technology being slower it’s up to the designers to control it before someone fixes the network.

Signal Strength Depended

Being depended on signal strength a week signal will slows the networks speed along with it internet slows down, it again matters on you location.

Higher Data Cost

Since mobile data costs higher that home/office internet data, total data transferred matters, when in roaming the data charges doubles, this show how important it’s to prevent unwanted data from being downloaded.

Fix it

With a separate site for mobile not an option any more, it is necessary to implement other techniques to keep you mobile users happy. You might have lost all the customers before the mobile experts come up with next generation which can load web site at same speed on mobile devices.


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