Create your E-Commerce website for Mobile Devices

Improve your E-Commerce Site Sales

We get a lot of enquiries about creating a mobile website version of existing e-commerce stores. In fact e-commerce shops are among our largest enquirers about going mobile. This is not surprising. Having no physical store front means that e-commerce shop owners are aware of the need to create mobile e-commerce websites. They know this because there analytics constantly remind them of the amount of visitors coming to their on-line stores via a mobile device.

On-line shops without a mobile e-commerce portal typically experience very high bounce rates. This is because shoppers get very frustrated with the slow load times. Once the store becomes mobile friendly an improvement in sales is immediate.
Building a mobile friendly ecommerce website is not always easy. It’s definitely not a one shoe fits all approach. Depending on the complexity of your shop and shopping cart it may require starting from scratch for both desktop and mobile versions. It also depends on your current website platform.
If you only have a small amount of products it is relatively easy to create a mobile ecommerce website with PayPal checkout.
For the larger shops it is imperative that your desktop and mobile version work in sync together. This is why we normally suggest starting from scratch. Together with our Responsive Website design partners, Response Web we can create beautiful, attractive and engaging mobile friendly e-commerce websites. We are always happy to look at your situation and what will work best for you.


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