Top 10 excuses businesses use for NOT going mobile

It is amazing that in 2013 small businesses are still coming to grips with the benefit of targeting the mobile market. In 3 years mobile has exploded to the point where at present there are now more mobile phones in

Why Responsive Design Is not Good for Mobile Phone

With average size of a web page shooting up like a rocket it crossed 1 MB last year. With responsive where all devices are server same content and styled differently with CSS, according to resolutions make mobile users to download


Well we are well and truely in the midst of the silly season for another year. Yesterday our office Air Conditioner decided to pack it in. As the heat began to rise steadily I was reminded of what Christmas was

Mobile website feature on Small Business Builders.

Did you catch the segment on Kochies popular show “Small Buisness Builders” today the 11/11/2012. If not you can watch the full length video by following this link:   Click Here.   This is a wonderfull example of how mobile

We love feedback!

Especially when it’s fantastic feedback! Interstate Removals are the professional back loading specialists of Australia. Up until I designed the Interstate Removals mobile website I had no idea that you could take advantage of all that empty space that is

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