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A tale of extraordinary ROI

By now most businesses are aware of the importance of being mobile friendly. As mobile website enthusiats we are always gathering bucketloads of data on the industry and where it is heading. No matter how exciting these statistics are for

Developing Mobile Strategy for Business

Just because it seems that there is a mobile app for everything these days, doesn’t mean there should be. Some apps serve little function and just take up space on a user’s mobile device screen. How do you know that

How important is Mobile for Small Business

Mobile devices are exploding like anything that has never gone before, it’s becoming a basic elementary item without which we could no longer live, and people use Mobile phones before tooth brush after sleep. A large number of businesses have

Top 10 excuses businesses use for NOT going mobile

It is amazing that in 2013 small businesses are still coming to grips with the benefit of targeting the mobile market. In 3 years mobile has exploded to the point where at present there are now more mobile phones in

Why Responsive Design Is not Good for Mobile Phone

With average size of a web page shooting up like a rocket it crossed 1 MB last year. With responsive where all devices are server same content and styled differently with CSS, according to resolutions make mobile users to download

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