The Difference between the mobile and desktop website

When defining, designing and structuring your mobile commerce site; should you slim down content and features, or try to stuff it all in the mobile version as well. Here is a short description of what content and features to be equipped to mobile and desktop versions of a web site.


Keep the contents the same

It’s important to let the user know that they are in the same website at least, even if the web site layout is different.

Regarding the amount of content its up for you to have a small research team work on it and make the result, limiting the content to fit in the small screen will definitely not solve the problem it can lead to miss understanding and get users end up in wrong pages too much content can get them annoyed, so make sure to do some study on this before getting the things ready.

Help pages and FAQ

Make sure you have a separate FAQ and help pages for mobile users, this is really important most of the companies seems to ignore these page.

It’s  a must have because small screen users looking for help definitely need content at ease, even If not it’s your responsibility to make it available at ease, as you don’t want your customer wondering around without a mouse on a 3 to 5 inch display screen.

Tweak The form

While it’s important to ensure the contents and other information’s remain intact or as much similar to that of the main website forms need to be tweaked. This an area when optimization really pays out a small change can bring in more conversions.


Auto fill

Try to auto fill as much information as possible like Location, Date and other fields. Since the users need to input from the small key board filling some data will definitely make them happier.


Make sure to provide a different offer for mobile users, it can get you a lot of profit.


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