Elements that can tailor Mobile Experience

Providing attention to detail in the UI of a mobile app interface is the key to designing a differential user experience. In case of a mobile user, they encompasses feelings all times during their interaction with your mobile system (Can be an App or Mobile website).

Providing right experience in mobile is a mammoth task because mobile device can lie anywhere on the line from low-end feature phone to high-definition tablet. Creating mobile user experiences that delight users, needs rethinking a lot of  elements that we have taken for granted with Large screen design. The variety of devices with different screen size and resolutions make its more complex to craft a perfect design.

Here are some examples of mobile interactions and designs that have been given the attention to detail that they need to make some truly compelling and intuitive experiences.


Keep it simple like Apple it’ll solve 80% of the issues, it’s matter of keeping what’s necessary & leaving no excess to unnecessary. It’s about crafting down to the last detail keeping the purity & simplicity of the design.


The new BBM for android has a clean and simple interface making it fit for any one.


Clearly articulates the value proposition and the purpose of the product for the target audience, taking into account factors like right set of features, cost of ownership, context of use and ethnography.

Have instructions

It just rocks, providing instructions with once the users signs up, even if he was your customers for years he could be new to the mobile version. Never forget to have a Skip option.

Screenshot_2013-11-02-13-05-16 Screenshot_2013-11-02-13-06-52

Make it Fun

Its an app not a website, it stays in the users mobile always, If you have some fantastic sliding or scrolling effects in your app you can get them play with your app.



Remove all the unnecessary, never ever have any extra feature that you think will be irrelevant for a user on mobile, user on mobile is can also be referred as user on GO.



Designing an mobile app entails infinite cycles of iteration. What these examples seek to demonstrate are successful executions of a specific mobile application feature. Grounding their design from the user’s perspective is what give these apps a soul.


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