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Can I cancel the contract anytime?

Yes, as there are no cancellation fees you can cancel any time. Set up costs however are non- refundable.

How safe is your payment facility?

We use PayPal for all our merchant payments.
PayPal is regularly audited to ensure PCI compliance.  

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements designed to ensure that ALL companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. This means there is no risk of your personal data or credit card information being stolen. Using your credit card through a PayPal page is 100% safe. They do not store credit card numbers (unless of course you are already a PayPal member) so there is no chance of unauthorized access or the numbers being stolen after a PayPal purchase is completed.

     For all purchases, PayPal employs Verisign SSL Certificates that meet the highest standard in the Internet security industry for secure  transactions. An SSL Certificate establishes a private communication channel enabling encryption of the data during transmission.

Do I need web hosting in addition to my Zippie Mobile account?

Zippie Mobile provides a complete hosting solution for your mobile website. Zippie Mobile hosting is superior and provides more than 99.9% uptime uninterrupted service.

What is a mobile website? How is it different from a regular website?

Mobile websites are specifically designed for viewing on Mobile Devices such as Mobile Phones. Until recently websites were meant to be seen on a computer with a large screen for viewing, along with reasonable computational power & internet speed. Mobile phones in general have smaller screens & are far less powerful than a computer. Also their internet connection speed is much slower. Websites in their current form cannot work well on mobile phones. Hence, the need for websites to be specially created for mobile phones.

Do I need to purchase a new domain?

No. The mobile version of a website is built on a sub domain (i.e. from the primary website. Users accessing your website through their handheld device will automatically be redirected to your new mobile website.

Why do I need to have a monthly cost to purchase a mobile website plan?

Our mobile websites can only be generated and imported from existing websites hosted on our platform. This security is in place to protect users from importing websites and images they do not own. Hosting is only a small proportion of the monthly fee. Each month we monitor and maintain your mobile website to ensure it is functioning properly. The monthly cost also covers preparing analytical reports on your mobile website. We also have a licensing fee attached to each mobile website we produce. Last but not least it covers our Australian based customer support which ensures you will never have to wait long to receive superior customer service.

What type of reporting will I be able see?

All mobile website plans include real-time analytics and reporting. You will have access to detailed information such as traffic sources, page views, mobile devices, and content overview. We send these reports out on a 6 monthly basis. If you would like analytics sent to you more regularly we can do that too for a small fee.

What is the difference between an app and a mobile website?

Apps are actual applications that are downloaded and installed on your mobile device, rather than being rendered within a browser. A mobile website is a version of your regular website however built specifically for mobile phones. In saying this mobile websites built with Zippie Mobile can act like an App in that the customer can be prompter to add your business icon to their mobile phone.

How will my customers and clients benefit from a mobile website?

Mobile sites are now the expected standard and your customers are looking for relevant information and ease of use. They want...

  • Fast loading screen fitting pages
  • Important information front and centre
  • Friendly navigation
  • Easy contact details – (Tap to Call, Tap to Email, Tap to Google Maps)
  • Hours of business
  • Business relevant info
  • And most of all they DON’T want to pinch and scroll through a website.
What can ZippieMobile do for my business?

Zippie Mobile will build you a mobile website that is perfectly catered towards your customer’s needs. In turn they will have a better experience and will be more likely to use your services resulting in more revenue for you. On average at least two thirds of local searches are performed with a smart phone. By not having a mobile website you’re potentially turning away a lot of business.

Can I update and make changes to my mobile website?

Certainly, and for the most part (some sites differ in construction) your new mobile website will automatically update any information that you put on your regular website. However, this will sometimes require attention to individual page detail. Most Zippie Mobile sites include an easy to use dashboard. This feature allows you to update,  add new pages or coupons/special offers to your  mobile site yourself.

What else will you require to build my mobile website?

We will let you know what we will require to build your mobile website. By taking on Zippie Mobile as your mobile website host you will need to provide us with your current website log in details so that we can install the re-direct script for your mobile website.

What if I don’t have a regular website?

Don’t worry we build beautiful websites too. Just email us with your details and we will send you our info pack.

What makes Zippie Mobile service so different?

We pride ourselves on offering the best customer service in the industry. Zippie Mobiles policy is that all customer support requests will be responded to within 24 hours, though we often respond in just 1-2 hours. Doing business with a company on the Internet can be a very impersonal process. Not only have the founders of Zippie Mobile run several Internet-related companies, we have also been – and continue to be – customers ourselves. Nothing is more frustrating than sending off an email to a company to get help only to wait for a week to get back an impersonal email with a pre-canned response that doesn't address the actual question.

Zippie Mobile is different. When you contact us, you'll receive a response within 24 hours, often within just an hour or two. A real person with a real name will respond to your question, and bring in additional support specialists as needed, depending on the task at hand. Since we've been in your shoes, we always try to treat our customers as friends, and try to understand they are looking to us for real help within whatever problem or question they have.