Googles next jab at non-mobile wesbites

Last June Google started alerting smartphone users about the types of sites they were visiting in the form of a warning that the site you are visiting is non-mobile optimized.

This can effect you if any part of your website is not optimized for mobile, or if there is a faulty re-direct to your mobile site you should be concerned. For example if you clicked a link via a Google search and Google determines the link is not mobile friendly you will be directed to that sites mobile optimized home page instead.

Let me give you an example:

Anna owns a local limo company. She realizes that having a mobile optimized website is going to be good for business. So she hires a developer to create a mobile version of her home page with the companies contact details. Within her fleet she owns, a variety of vehicles from Holden Calais, Mercedes Vino Van, Shuttle Buses and Stretch Hummers.

Soon to be married

Mobile optimized

Smartphone Google pop-Up.

Jamie is searching for a Hummer for her Hens party. So she Googles “Stretch Hummer Gold Coast” and up comes the first page of links related to that query. When Jamie clicks on the link that is related to the Hummer section of  the website she receives a warning form Google that the link may open the sites home page instead. Definitely not what Jamie was expecting and all because the Hummer page has not been mobile optimized.

This would be very frustrating as you can imagine. This can be seen as another clear signal that Google wants websites to cater for all devices. In Googles own words:


“We’d like to spare users the frustration of landing on irrelevant pages and help webmasters fix the faulty redirects. Starting today in our English search results in the US, whenever we detect that smartphone users are redirected to a homepage instead of the the page they asked for, we may note it below the result. If you still wish to proceed to the page, you can click “Try anyway.”

“Try anyway” is not the words any business wants associated with their business. This system is already operating US and it is only a matter of time before the policy is extended to Australia.

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