Depending on your industry there may be a need to have the ability to update, change, edit your business’s mobile website. For example a restaurant may have a new menu item or special offer through a mobile coupon that needs to be updated on the mobile website. You get the idea. Other businesses really have little need for updates as the information regarding the business is less likely to change over the longer term. For example a taxi company or childcare centre.

This presents two options when it comes to having your mobile website designed. Up until recently Zippie Mobile only offered the CMS hosted option. CMS standing for content management system. With this system the user is paying a monthly fee to utilize our technology (CMS) and to host on our hosting. Users can log in and utilize our dashboard system to easily change every aspect of the mobile website to suite the businesses needs at that time.

This year we have come to the conclusion that not all businesses require this technology. For that reason we now offer static mobile websites which we design and then upload to the clients own hosting. This means no more monthly hosting costs for those who don’t need a CMS.

Now there is no excuse not to capitilize on the massive mobile market. If your not sure what system would best suit your business we are always happy to assist. Cheap Mobile Websites


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